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Counting, Ordinal Numbers and Colors

You'll find that counting in the Korean language is the most common tae kwon do terminology you will hear in a classroom.


1 Hana
2 Dul
3 Set
4 Net
5 Da seot
6 Ya seot
7 Il gup
8 Yo dol
9 Ahop
10 Yul
20 Semul
30 Sarun

To count after ten, you add cumulatively. For example 11 is yul-hana. 23 would be semul-set and so on.

Ordinal Numbers

1st Il
2nd Ee
3rd Sam
4th Sa
5th Oh
6th Yook
7th Chil
8th Pul
9th Gu
10th Ship

The ordinal numbers are used to name forms (poomse). Beginners poomse are thought of as chapters of a book. They are referred to as 1st Chapter (il jang), 2nd Chapter (ee jang), for a particular set or book of forms.


White Paek
Yellow Hwang
Orange Kyul
Green Ch o rok
Blue Chong
Purple Po ra
Brown Kal saek
Red Hong
Black Huk

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