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Self defense instruction is a good reason
to study tae kwon do

Self defense skills are practiced every time you go to your tae kwon do school for training.

il su shik

Every punch, every kick, every yell is self defense practice. You might not realize it, but the simple techniques that you practice in class, increase your confidence, control and ability to defend yourself if the need should ever arise.

You learn throughout your training where the vital points on the human anatomy are. These are the targets you use to perfect your techniques. Learning these points comes with forms practice, because each strike, punch or kick is aimed at one of these points.

So if you never specifically take a "self-defense" class, your tae kwon do training has prepared you. It will become part of your sub-conscious.

You will probably start by memorizing techniques. But consistent attendance in class and practice of the techniques will soon lead to developing effective responses to whatever situation you find yourself in.

How do you keep from getting mugged in front of Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice.

Tae kwon do Self-Defense

It happens that specific defense training is part of the curriculum at every tae kwon do school.

There are sessions in il su shik which translates as one step sparring. Don't let the name fool you. Il su shik is actually a one step defense strategy you employ upon attack.

You may also be exposed to three step sparring, or sam su shik, which like its cousin is also a self-defense strategy with three counter steps used upon attack.

These techniques should not be confused with Olympic style sparring which is a specific sport within tae kwon do.

Good self-defense practice allows you to use everything you've learned in your tae kwon do training.

You have developed quick reflexes, good timing and judgment. You will also develop intense focus, agility, good balance and control.

Together, these skills add up to one heck of a good self-defense technique. You should already consider yourself light years ahead of anyone who does not study a martial art.

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"When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to resemble a nail"
-Abraham Maslow

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