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Is a vegetarian diet something you should consider?

The philosophy behind a tae kwon do practitioner living a vegetarian lifestyle really has to do with the practice of treating the body as a temple.

It also has to do with respecting all life, "use good judgment before killing any living thing", part of the Code of Honor.

Unfortunately for everyone who enjoys eating meat, a veg~ lifestyle really does make sense. Let's see why.

There are several variations of the veg~ diet. Some veg's eat no animals including poultry, fish, etc.

Others not only don't eat meat, but exclude all animal products such as eggs, dairy and honey.
This kind of diet is Vegan.

Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle


Now here are some of the reasons why you should consider a veggie or even quasi-veggie diet. All data quoted from The Food Revolution by John Robbins.

  • Cholesterol levels of veg's compared to non-veg's: 14% lower

  • Cholesterol levels of vegans compared to non-veg's: 35% lower Average blood pressure of veg's: 112/69

  • Average blood pressure of non-veg's: 121/77 Incidence of high blood pressure in meat eaters compared to veg's: Triple

  • Risk of colon cancer for women who eat red meat daily compared to once a month: +250%

  • Risk of colon cancer for people who eat red once/week compared to veg's:+38%

  • Risk of colon cancer for people who eat poultry 4 times/week compared to veg's: +200-300%

  • "A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul: a sick body is a prison."
    -Francis Bacon

    I don't want to scare you...

    Traditional Korean Meal

    What I want you to consider is that reducing your meat intake is healthy. I stopped eating beef all together 3 years ago. I do still eat chicken and pork but not every day.

    I know first hand how difficult it is to change a diet lifestyle. But it's well worth checking out, to expand your health.

    When the two biggest causes of death are heart disease and cancer, suddenly becoming a vegetable lover doesn't sound too bad.

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