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Basic tae kwon do techniques are your foundation.

  • Basic tae kwon do techniques are very important for the beginner. A wise student never stops practicing the basics.
  • Learning techniques properly and practicing them often is the make-or-break quotient that allows you to progress beyond the beginner rank.
  • You should never be discouraged if your basic taekwondo techniques are not as good as the next guys.
  • You must work to your own personal best.
  • Mimic your instructors and Masters movements. Understand the how and why of each motion. This approach will assure you rapid progression in technique.

All basic external tkd techniques fall into four categories:

Within these four categories are a myriad of fine details and nuance. Each style of tae kwon do will have its own spin (no pun intended) on these techniques.

The bottom line is, these 4 sets of TKD techniques create the cornerstones of your foundation in tae kwon do training.

Tae kwon do kicking techniques are unique and highly identified with the art because...


  • The speed and force with which these kicks can be issued makes taekwondo techniques a good self defense practice.

  • Qualified Instruction

  • To learn TKD kicks properly, you have to attend tae kwon do classes. It is simply not possible to learn the mechanics of tae kwon do kicking techniques without the help of a qualified instructor. You risk injury to the knees and hips without this instruction.

"Practice is the best of all instructors."
Publilius Syrus

tae kwon do kicking techniques

I have outlined in simple form some external techniques of tae kwon do. I did not include self defense, forms practice, sparring or one-step sparring all of which are tae kwon do techniques.

What I have also left out are the internal techniques such as breathing control and meditation.

These topics come together to build a martial art that is the most popular in the world.

In the works:

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