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Meditation in traditional tae kwon do.

Meditation has been practiced for over 5000 years and is part of nearly every religion on earth.

It has always been central to Buddhism.

It was a Buddhist monk who helped the Hwa Rang develop their Code of Honor.

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Historically, Buddhism distinguishes between two types of contemplation.

One consists of practices aimed at developing the ability to focus attention single-pointedly; the other includes practices aimed at developing insight and wisdom through seeing the true nature of reality.

There are also different ways to to engage in this type of contemplation. The image of a slender and flexible contortionist sitting in the lotus position is not all there is to the practice.

There are actually four basic positions you can take to start: sitting (in lotus, 1/2 lotus or on a chair), walking, laying down or standing. Tai chi is actually a form of moving meditation.

Be Prepared


In traditional tae kwon do instruction, reflection is taught as a means to calm the mind and prepare.

What are you preparing for?

You prepare for the intense physical demands to come.

Tae kwon do training

Tae kwon do training demands the symbiosis of mind and body together. Martial arts contemplation seeks to nurture that connection. A connection that allows you greater focus, greater speed and greater benefit.
We bow to our instructors and seniors.

Most people when they begin a a program want to know what to think about. Well, believe it or not, you think about...


Yes, I said nothing.

It takes a tremendous amount of focus to keep your mind from running away with random thoughts about errands, work, hobbies, desires, you name it.

"We are all cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out."
-Ray Bradbury



When you develop the ability to quickly and calmly think about nothing, you exist in a plane where you can react to any situation with the right action.

Frequent reflection will help you relieve stress and increase happiness. Yes it's difficult at first, but what isn't?

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