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General Tae kwon do Terminology

Korean words form all tae kwon do terminology, as such they will include some general language words. You will pick these up as you spend more time in the kwan (school) and dojang (training room).

General Words

Power yell Ki hap
School Kwan
Training Room Do Jang
Uniform Do bok
Forms Poomse
Degree Dan
Rank (color belts only) Kup
Meditation Mook Nyum
Deep breathing soom shi gi
Belt Ti
Flag Kuk ki
Tea ceremony Do rah
Greetings/Hello Ahn nyong ha say yo
Thank you Kam Sa Hap Ni Da
You're welcome Chon ma ne yo

A school will have its own opening and closing ceremony at the beginning and end of every class. This is part of the formal process we follow to show our respect and keep tradition.

Opening/Closing Class

To the flags bow Kuk ki ae kyung nae
To the master bow Sa bum nim kae kyung nae

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