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Consequentialism : The tae kwon do theory of "right action"

Right Action

Consequentialism is a moral belief

that producing the right kinds of consequences is one of the highest moral values a person can have.

The theory of consequentialism states that all actions result in consequences and it is our duty to produce the right kinds of "overall consequences", meaning bringing about the most good to the most people.

A morally "right action" is the action that results in the best outcome.

As I have described in other sections, study of tae kwon do includes intense physical and mental training. This training serves to bring the mind--body--spirit connection closer, tighter.

One fundamental building block of tae kwon do is the idea that Constant repetition of the physical and mental training creates a deeper connection to the center of our being. Physical training, repetition of techniques until mastered, lead to freeing the mind of conscious thought.

Right action from the tae kwon do perspective means we learn to merely react to the situation in the moment. To know the right course of action without hesitation, this is one goal of tae kwon do training.

When one can do this in the physical sense, it is not a great leap to transfer that skill to the ethical sense. This is how tae kwon do training meshes the physical with the emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual.

A person who can act in response to any situation without thought, who can choose the exact right action at the exact right moment, is a martial arts master.

That person will choose the right action in the do jang and the boardroom.

He will help others rather than merely walk by thinking, ‘That’s not my problem.’

She will make the right choices for her family even if they are difficult choices.

"Every germ of goodness will at last struggle into bloom and fruitage;...true success follows every right step."
~Orison Swett Marden

General Hong Hi Choi

General Choi

A founder of modern Tae kwon do.

General Hong Hi Choi was quoted as saying, that tae kwon do will "bring about the flowering of morality, beauty, and power in harmony with the immortal spirit."

A person in our society who is honorable, honest and has great integrity, is a person who has hang chung. It is a trait to aspire to.

We study taekwondo, not only to learn fighting techniques for self-defense, but also to learn to be a better person, a person of great integrity and principle.

The confidence that is built by knowing you have the discipline to choose what is right brings happiness to your life and to everyone you have contact with. We set an example for others to follow thereby making the world a better place.

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