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The Pursuit of Happiness


This is a definition for happiness

Ko is the state in which a physical or mental problem exists in your life.

Cheep is the state where this harshness resides in your household if not just with you alone. It affects more than you.

However, myul is the state where the problems of ko and cheep no longer exist.

Most people would agree that myul is a cheerful state but not ko and cheep. After all, if there is harshness in your life or home, how can this be a kind of bliss?

My master reminds his students that without knowing harshness, we cannot recognize "good" when it happens. So even difficult problems are a form of delight. When you understand this concept and embrace it, then there is no such thing as a problem but only joy.

This state of understanding is do, or enlightenment.

These concepts are certainly not exclusive to tae kwon do. Active appreciation, conscious gratitude is a well known path to a better life. This is what the current "hot" topic of The Secret is all about.

Put on a happy face and your mind will follow.

Realize how giving to others brings it back to you in greater quantity. If you always treat others nicely and with respect, you will create more joy in their life and your own.

It is important to always be aware of your behavior toward others.

Part of increasing the "good" is cleansing of our bad habits. When we cleanse our bad habits by eating right, sleeping well, exercising, meditating and practicing tae kwon do, we move beyond the state of do.

We create more joy and observe less harshness.

When you practice these concepts, you create a cheerful, better household. If I do the same, my home is also better. Together, we make a greater country and world.

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"Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times."

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