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Tae kwon do classes start as early as age 3

Kids tae kwon do classes can range from toddler age to young adult.
I even developed a class for 1 to 3 year olds!

Starting your child in a kids tae kwon do class is simple. The only equipment she will need in the beginning is a uniform.

Many schools even provide the first uniform as a bonus for joining the school. If not, a basic student uniform is sufficient and relatively inexpensive.

How to get your kids to practice at home

You work hard all day and are probably paying good money for martial arts lessons so you naturally want your child to be successful. Here are three simple tips to get them to practice at home from Karate Master Paul A. Walker.
  • Create a designated area for practice

    Depending on the size of your house or apartment, do your best to create an open space big enough to practice. There is absolutely no chance for success if there is no space in which to practice. The good news is that a practice area for kids tae kwon do does not have to be big. An area of 10ft by 10ft is plenty and you can even function with less by being creative with your practice drills.

  • Agree on a set practice time each day

    In order to successfully follow through on chosen goals you need to consistently help your child schedule a time to practice or study. If you do this then you give them every chance of success. When structuring a practice schedule for your them you should set a fixed practice time each day that does not interfere with school homework or dinner plans.

    Another important point to keep in mind is the length of the practice session. You can be sure of burning your child out if you make them practice for one hour each evening. I would recommend a practice session of no more than 20 minutes each day. You can do a lot in 20 minutes and with a well-structured training program, your child’s progress will be practically guaranteed.

  • Reward your child for fulfilling his or her end of the bargain

    Positive praise and encouragement goes a long way to creating motivation in your child as they really want to please you. However a few tangible rewards wouldn’t hurt either. These rewards can be as simple as being able to watch their favorite TV show, or playing their favorite video game, or being excused from house chores for the weekend if they complete a full week of self-study sessions. Or if you’re feeling really generous then a prize of a new book or toy can go a long way to motivating them even more.

    You know your child best and you know what motivates them most. If you can build a rewards system into their training program then the chance of long term success will go up considerably.

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