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Aikido through Hwa Rang Do

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Aikido is on our Japanese list of martial arts styles created by Morihei Ueshiba beginning in the 1920's. It has its roots in jujitsu, japanese combative wrestling, and kenjutsu, the way of the sword. It is known for throwing, arm locks, and spirtual devlopment. many forms of aikido exist today but they all trace their lineage directly to Ueshiba, who is often referred to as O-Sensei, or "greatest sensei" in English.


One of the characteristics of Filipino martial arts is the use of weapons from the very beginning of training. Arnis incorporates striking, locking, and throwing techniques performed with short rattan staves, sknives, short swords, and epty hand. "Modern Arnis," a widely popular style, was founded by Remy Presas.


Baguazhand (Pau Kua Chang) is a form of kung fu. Referred to as the "Eight Palm Changes," baguazhand is considered an internal Chinese martial art because it uses deceptive circular footwork and flowing hands to gain position on opponents. Throws and multiple forms of striking with the hands are also used.

Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a version of Japanese jujitsu that has changed significantly enough to become its own system. Brazilian jiu-jitsu places great importance on ground fighting, called ne waza, in the Japanese judo and jujitsu schools. Popularized by the Gracie family from Brazil, its practitioners have won many "No holds barred" fights worldwide.


Capoeira was developed around the 1600's by African slaves in Brazil. It uses music to aid in training and it emphasizes kicking, take downs, and slipping of oncoming attacks. It does not seem to be as popular as other forms of martial arts in the United States and Europe, possible due to its unique methodologies of combining music and dance as part of the training process.

Catch Wrestling

Catch Wrestling (also called shoot wrestling/fighting) is a form of barnstorming wrestling popular in America at the turn of the twentieth century. Popular wrestlers of the time included Martin "Farmer" Burns and Frank Gotch. Modern professional wrestling grew out of the sport, becoming popular in the 1950's in America. Catch Wrestlers where classified as "hookers," who had very strong skills and took on all comers as they traveled, and "shooters," who were wrestlers with a brackground in real fighting.


Escrima is a Filipino martial art that uses rattan sticks and knives to deliver attacks from multiple angles. A combination of weapons is also used (e.g., one stick and a free hand). Aggressive and offensive in nature, escrima masters were well knows for fighting with one another to prove their point of superiority. These matches were discouraged by the Filipino government and are not common today.


Hapkido is on our Korean list of martial arts styles that uses punches, kicks, and throws with joint locks. Hapkido is also known for its aerial displays of throwing, leaping, and rolling. It is similar to aikido in some ways such as the use of throwing applications. Hapkido uses a traditional karate type uniform and belt ranking system.

Hwa Rang Do

Hwa Rang do (The Flower-Man Way) is Korean and was developed by the Lee Brothers. Similar to taekwondo, Hwa Rang Do emphasizes pursuits of self-betterment through other classical pursuits to form a well rounded person, not just a martial artist.

This list of martial arts styles from the book: The Way to Black Belt, by Lawrence A. Kane and Kris Wilder.

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