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In a traditional school, the use of tae kwon do etiquette extends to the use of greetings and titles. It is expected. It is how we publicly acknowledge one another.

Bowing is always a part of the use of greetings. We bow and greet our peers, Masters and Instructors.

I had a funny experience once with these titles.

I was at the gym with a friend. As usual, we began our workout by riding the stationary recumbent bikes. At the time, I was a volunteer instructor at my school.

My friend and I were talking and pedaling when a man who was a relatively new student at the school walked by. He saw me, stopped and turned, very formally, and bowed to greet.

In automatic response, I placed my hands together and bowed back as best is possible while riding a bicycle. Then we both went about our business, neither one of us thinking much of what to us was a normal occurence between a teacher and student or senior and junior.

My friend on the other hand, needed some explanation as to why a stranger would stop and bow to me. It was pretty funny once I thought about it from her perspective.

As martial artists, we should never be embarrassed by the customs we adopt in practicing our art.


Ahn nyong ha say yo


Great Grandmaster Sa jo nim
Grandmaster Kwan jang nim
Master Sa bum nim
Instructor Kyo sa nim
Senior Sun bae nim
Junior Who bae nim

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