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Tae kwon do instruction is taught with Korean words in every tae kwon do school . Some schools make it a tested part of their curriculum. Don't worry. You will hear Korean so often in class, it will soak in naturally.


Attention Chareut
Ready Joon bee
Return Ba roh
Bow Kyung nae
Bow to flags Kuk ki ae kyung nae
Begin She jok
Turn around Dui ro do rah
Thank you Kam sa hap ni da
You're welcome Chon ma ne yo


Block Makki
Punch Chi roo gi
Strike Chil gi
Kick Cha gi
Yell of power Ki hap
Back sliding step Hoojin
Forward sliding step Jeonjin
Come close to speaker Kee june
Dismiss Hae san
Sparring Kyorugi
One step sparring Il su shik
Three step sparring Sam su shik
Stance Sa gi
Kneel down Cha seon
Sparring Kyorugi
One step sparring Il su shik
Three step sparring Sam su shik
Stance Sa gi
Kneeling meditation Cha seon

Olympic style sparring is called Kyorugi.

One step sparring or il su shik refers to a practiced self-defense technique that takes place in one step. In other words, your opponent throws one punch and you counteract in one step before striking.

Three step sparring is similar to one step only you react in three steps before striking. For example, block, block then strike-three steps.

Sparring Terms

Chest protector Ho gu
Stop/Separate Kal lyo
Continue Kea sok
Stop/End Ku man
Winner Sung
Warning Kong go
Deduction Geum jam
Red Hong
Blue Chong

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