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A Tae kwon do Instructor the best personal trainer you'll ever have.

If you are fortunate the school you choose will have some of the most highly qualified tae kwon do Instructors and Masters in the United States.

A great instructor is dedicated to the development of all their students.

It is important to realize that everyone develops at their own distinct pace. A good teacher will expertly help each individual reach their personal best. They will challenge you without ever losing sight of what makes you unique.

The classroom Master/Instructor chooses the material he/she teaches in class each lesson. Following their instructions is a necessity.

Students must remember to trust the expertise of your Masters and Instructors when gauging when you are ready for the next step in your training.

They have decades of experience and know best when you are ready for testing. As a student, you should accept their decisions and guidance in these areas.

In addition, a student should have permission from their Masters before testing, competing, demonstrating or teaching others.

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