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Kick and Stance Terminology

Tae kwon do kicks may vary from school to school for some of the more descriptive kicks and so do their associated names.

For example, a crescent kick at one school may be called an out to in kick at another. A downward kick may be called an ax kick.

Don't let these differences throw you. After all, we do the same in English (Grande = Medium at Starbucks:)


Front snap kick Ahp cha gi
Round house kick Dollyo cha gi
Side kick Yup cha gi
Ax kick Nae roh cha gi
Crescent kick Bandul cha gi
Hook kick Gul gi cha gi
Back kick Dwi cha gi
Jumping kick Twi o cha gi
Flying kick Nal la cha gi

Tae kwon do Kicking Techniques


Horseback riding stance Ju choom sa gi
Forward long stance Ahp gubi sa gi
Walking stance Ahp sa gi
Back stance Dwi sa gi
Cat stance Bom sa gi
Cross stance Koa sa gi
Crane stance Hak dari sa gi

Don't let all this Korean terminology scare you. I have never been in a class where the instructor didn't use Korean and English instructions to help students learn the terms

Well there was one time where the whole class was instructed in Korean, but only because the Master didn't speak English. I kept my eyes on the Masters and seniors in front of me and followed along to the best of my ability.

Also, I don't want you to think that all this vocabulary finds its way into every class.

It doesn't.

Masters sprinkle words throughout class to expose students to the terminology for taekwondo kicks, stances, punches and much more.

Oh, that all Korean class I took--one of the best experiences I ever had because I was forced to really concentrate to keep up. I was the only completely non-Korean speaker in class although not the only American.

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