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My Tae kwon do Master Byung Min Kim

Grandmaster Byung Min Kim

My tae kwon do master,Grandmaster Byung Min Kim, was born in Jun Ra Book Do, South Korea. Grandmaster Kim immigrated to the United States in 1974, where he made New York his new home.

He is now a U.S. Citizen and is recognized for having long been a dedicated and strong community minded citizen.

He has traveled all over the United States and to many other countries in order to help needy people, to promote the true spirit of tae kwon do and for the purpose of making the world a better place to live through the benefits of martial arts training.

grandmaster Byung Min Kim Grandmaster Kim is one tae kwon do master who makes it his goal to improve his student’s lives and increase their happiness and health through consistent training in the art of tae kwon do.

In order to help students understand the true reason for studying martial arts, Grandmaster Kim often lectures on philosophical ideals like Moo, Oui, Jung, Ja. "Respect"

The purpose of learning tae kwon do is not to exhibit superior strength or fighting skills.

Grandmaster Kim urges his students to study tae kwon do to gain a greater respect for others. To have respect and love for our fellow man is the goal he hopes all students can achieve.

Grandmaster Kim works diligently to help his students gain greater happiness and health in their lives. He accomplishes this by teaching about healthy eating, proper use and benefits of drinking green tea, daily meditation exercises, hiking and of course physical conditioning.

His journey in the study of tae kwon do began at the age of 6.

Inspired by his oldest brother who was a world reknowned great tae kwon do master, Tiger Sang Soo Kim, Byung Min Kim trained diligently for years. This dedication earned him a full scholarship to a private school where he trained and competed achieving great success.

As is mandatory for young Korean men, Grandmaster Kim served three years in the army. His work in the army was unique. He was one of 5 select men whose sole responsibility was to engage in taekwondo training and compete on behalf of the Korean National Army team.

Grandmaster Kim was an undefeated national champion.

Grandmaster Kim has over 50 years experience living the art of taekwondo. His list of accomplishments is lengthy. Here is a modest sample:

•1995 Head Coach Tae kwon do USA National Team

•1996 Head Coach Tae kwon do USA National Team

•President of Greater New York Master Tae kwon do Association

•Vice-President of New York State Tae kwon do Association

•President of World Champion Master Association

•Former Director of New York State Tae kwon do Championship

•Chairman of United States Tae kwon do Union Do-Jang Developing Committee

•Recipient of the Incredible Man award by ABC’s Wide World of Sports, as well as many other appreciation awards worldwide

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