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This particular tae kwon do video is of me doing one of my breaks at my 3rd dan test. I practiced this break dozens and dozens of times with targets but never with the actual blocks.

I stood 2 concrete paving blocks on end like dominoes and did a jumping back kick to break them. I'm really proud of this.

Power Break Concrete Block

Olympic Sparring Highlights

Olympic Sparring Lowlights

2008 Beijing Olympic competitor, Cuban Angel Valodia, kicks the referee in the face in the worst show of sportmanship ever seen.

www.SportsNetwork.com--Cuba's Angel Valodia Matos kicked a referee in the face after he was disqualified from his taekwondo bronze medal match in the over-80 kilogram weight class on Saturday night. Matos, beating Arman Chilmanov of Kazakhstan 3-2 near the end of the match, was disqualified for taking more than the allotted one minute of injury time when he went to the mat with what his opponent said was a broken toe. Livid with the decision, Matos and his coach argued with referee Chakir Chelbat of Sweden. As Chelbat awarded the win to Chilmanov, Matos exploded with a left roundhouse kick to the referee's face. Chelbat walked off and approached officials. Matos and his coach also tried to approach, but were escorted out to boos from the crowd. Later, the sport's governing body recommended Matos' disqualification from fifth place and a lifetime ban from future events.

Taekwondo Form to Music

If you have a tkd video of yourself or your child that you're particularly proud of, I would happily add it to this page. Go to the contact me page and drop me a note and we'll figure out how you can get the video to me.

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