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Types of Vegetarian

Is A Vegan A Vegetarian?

Letís clarify some terms about types of vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

If you have been researching vegetarian diets, you have probably come across all kinds of strange terms like "vegan," "ovo-lacto vegetarian," and "semi-vegetarian." How could there be so many ways of not eating meat? After all, thatís what a vegetarian is right?

Believe it or not, there are different levels to this philosophy which require clarity.

The distinctions between levels of vegetarian are actually small, but significant to people who belong to each group. For them, these distinctions arenít arbitrary lines; they are important dietary and often ethical decisions.

Letís take a look at the differences:


Vegetarian is a blanket term used to describe any individual who does not eat meat, fish, poultry or seafood. This includes vegans and the various sub-categories of vegetarian; however, it generally implies someone who has fewer dietary restrictions than a vegan.


The term semi-vegetarian is usually used to describe someone who isnít actually a vegetarian. Semi-vegetarian generally implies someone who eats meat occasionally or doesnít eat meat, but eats fish and poultry.


Ovo-lacto vegetarians are vegetarians who do not eat meat, poultry, fish or seafood, but do eat eggs and milk. This is the largest group of vegetarians.


Ovo-vegetarian is a term used to describe someone who would be a vegan if they did not eat eggs.


Lacto-vegetarian is a term used to describe someone who would be a vegan if they did not consume milk.


Vegan is the strictest level of a vegetarian lifestyle. Vegans do not consume animal products or byproducts of any kind. Some even go as far as not consuming honey or yeast. Most vegans do not wear any clothing made from animal products and consider veganism an ethical choice of life.

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